V E Day Celebrations

V E Day Celebrations

Great Atmosphere, Great Weather , Great Residents !

The residence of Walmesley Road in the Leigh Neighbours Project Area celebrated V E Day in style. They enjoyed afternoon Tea, sandwiches, Drinks and a quiz or two. While chatting to Neighbours at a social distance they had many passers by admiring  how the Road was dressed, there was Winston Churchill, Boris and Baby with a few Army uniforms and an Army make shift shelter.

The Road had  an electric atmosphere of chat, laughter  and bunting displays and even local runner Phil Griffiths passed by in his 1940’s costume which added to the theme  plus Local photographer Dan Carter was in ore of the Display and wrote “I was 5 when Leigh RLFC won the Challenge Cup in 1971, my memories are few but vivid , the huge crowds , the noise the happiness, the buzz. I was 11 in 1977 for the Queens Silver Jubilee, similar sense of community but not quite 71 aye ? I Have, and always will put down the exploits of Leigh RLFc in season 81-81 culminating with Lancashire Cup win and crowded League Champions at the Final match up in Whitehaven as some of the greatest, deepest and fondest memories I will ever have.But I have to amit my walk down Walmesley Road this afternoon moved me awfully close to those previous highs.It was a sense of community the likes of not seen for me since anyway the explits above.It was Very, Very emotional to see and just as importantly to feel. I was made to feel so very welcome( if you could distract the residents from the community quiz )no-body asked were I was from, they didn’t care the only important thing at the front of their homes , (other than who are the photos for?)Yet I was warmly offered wine, Beer, Burgers , sausage rolls and Cake and so much more(it was so hard)Above all else, towering above all else , I was offered the famous warm Leigh Welcome.It is instant, it is genuine and it is special. If you ever wanted to witness community spirit and strength, then here it is on Walmesley Road, Leigh , Lancashire.

It was an utter privilege and pleasure to shoots such lovely scenes.You may not often hear of this sense on community, you might hear of un-emptied Bins, parking charges , potholes and Dog Poo.But let me tell you in no certain terms, Leigh’s Spirit is alive, not only alive its bursting at the seams. Yet another day and an emotional Day within which the great people of Leigh have yet again made me feel immensely proud to be one of their number.

They had applied for a Residence Fund from Leigh Neighbours to help fund the Buntings as part of the Community Spirit project, Funding is available as long as the project is in the Leigh Neighbours Project Area. You can contact Leigh Neighbours Via Facebook and Twitter to be sent a simple form.

All in All with a little organisation and preparation anything can be achieved as Walmesley Road Residence has shown!!!!