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We’ve known since we first started consulting with local people that there were concerns about housing.

The worries that local people shared were around the number of private let properties in the area, the way that some private landlords managed their properties and the poor physical condition that many of the properties were in.

Leigh Neighbours have lobbied the Council over a number of years to help them understand the concerns of local people.


The Council have responded in a number of ways:

  • They provided financial support for the insulation cladding scheme which can be seen on properties on Gordon and Selwyn Street.
  • They have accessed funding to appoint a Housing Champion officer to support local residents in private let housing, as well as working with landlords.
  • They have also become part of an Ethical Letting Agency (ELA) which operates across a number of Greater Manchester Councils.

Leigh Neighbours, for our part, have purchased two properties on Selwyn Street and are having these refurbished to a high standard.

We will let these through the Council’s ELA and will achieve our ambition of being an exemplary landlord.

The ELA offers a complete property management service for landlords and guarantees rental income whether the property is unoccupied or not. This 360° service is proving very attractive and allows the Council to set high standards of accommodation and manage tenants.

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