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Children's Area

Children's Area

Children’s Area

Welcome to our Children’s Area. We’ve a range of crafty things to make and do here.

We’ve also created some fun Activity Videos which can be seen on our new YouTube page »

If there is anything in particular you’d like to see, let us know by emailing us at:

Children’s Area

Leigh Scarecrow Festival

Take part in Leigh’s very own Scarecrow Festival!

Download our Scarecrow Colouring Sheets for you and your children or grandchildren to colour and display them proudly in your window.

Scarecrow Colouring Sheets »

You could also try making scarecrows using loo rolls like the one pictured!

Toilet Roll Scarecrow »

If there are enough we’ll create a trail and post a map.

Children’s Area

Butterfly Campaign

Children’s Area

Join our Butterfly Campaign!

Download the following Butterfly Templates for you and your children or grandchildren to colour and display them proudly in your window.

Butterfly Template v1 »

Butterfly Template v2 »

Butterfly Template v3 »

We’d love to see your butterflies! Send us a photo so we can share it on the website and through Facebook? Email:

Holiday Activities

You’ll need some crayons or felt tips and A4 paper. Some of the activities need a pair of scissors and glue. You might need to ask for help with the scissors if you don’t usually use them. 

The Woolly Woven creatures need wool (obviously) and pipe cleaners.

Woolly Woven Creatures 2 Page Instructions »

Robot Instructions »

One Sheet Sketchbook »

Kaleidocycle Template A3 » and Kaleidocycle Instructions »

Boxscape Mini World Template A4 »

Children’s Area

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