Bollard 'wrap map'

Bollard ‘wrap map’

You may have heard about them on social media…

You might have read about them in the Summer edition of Wigan Council’s Borough Life magazine… (check out pages 30/31!)

You may even have caught sight of one or two of them when you where out and about…

But where exactly are these bollard wraps that have been appearing across the Leigh Neighbours project area since early Spring…?

Well, here’s a ‘wrap-map’ to help you find them!

If you have the time, take a pic of your favourite and upload on to our Facebook page or Twitter account… we’d love to know what you think of them!

It’s a wrap!

Some of the artwork on the bollard wraps was inspired by old black and white photographs from the town’s archives.

Pit Brow Lasses feature on two of the wraps, and both of these can be found on Walmesley Road: one by Leigh Neighbours and a second near Coniston Street.

On Railway Road you will find another historical scene familiar to our Victorian ancestors. This one features some hand loom silk weavers. In the middle of the 19th Century, silk weaving was one of Leigh’s major industries.

Another of the wraps features Parsonage Colliery. You’ll find this one on Coniston Street.

Several of the wraps represent buildings across Leigh.  Do you recognise any of them from the children’s depictions?

Here’s the one you can find on Windermere Road…

…  whereas this one is on Railway Road.

Another theme the artists explored was Love Nature… breathe fresh air.

You’ll find this one on Windermere Road…

… this one on Grasmere Street…

… this one on the corner of Prescott Street and Leigh Road…

… and finally this one on Railway Road/Back Salford.

We hope you enjoy looking for them!