Young People

big lunch3Leigh Neighbours is keen to encourage young people to get involved in their community.

Working with Wigan Council’s Youth Services, we are piloting a Youth Council, a group of young people from the area who represent the interests of their peers and bring a unique perspective to the project. Young people are also represented on the Leigh Neighbours Project Board, giving young people direct access and genuine influence on the project.

The Youth Council has already produced a number of events and campaigns aimed specifically at young people. Their remit is:

  • to find ways in which to bridge the ‘generational gap’ and strengthen community relationships.
  • to challenge any negative perceptions of young people in the community.
  • to ensure that the views of young people are reflected in the long term direction of the project.

We’re also keen to invest in our young people… which is why we supported a young school leaver in 2014 to help him fulfill his dreams of becoming an apprentice landscaper.

In the future, we hope to provide support for other young people embarking on their career, so what kind of path do you hope to embark on? What qualifications do you hope to gain? Are you looking for ‘on the job’ opportunities or more formal apprenticeships? Do you need to invest in specialist training resources? Are you already working but looking to improve your skills?

Can we support you? If you live in our project area, we might be able to!

We can’t promise to come up with all the answers, but we’ll certainly do our best to help out as much as we can!

Tell us what kind of support you need by emailing so that we can start building a profile of what kind of opportunities young people in Leigh are aspiring to.


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