Residents’ Fund

What is the Leigh Neighbours Residents’ Fund?
It’s yours, that’s what it is! The Residents’ Fund is a pot of money which we’ve put aside out of the one million pound National Lottery money we received from BIG LOCAL to invest in ideas from residents who live in the Leigh Neighbours patch. It’s yours to apply for and to spend on projects, events, groups or activities that aim to improve your area and make a positive impact on the lives of local people.


How easy is it to apply for?
Piece of cake. Easy squeezy. Child’s play. A breeze. A cinch. A walk in the park. In fact, it’s plain simples! That pretty much describes how easy it is to apply for up to £500 from the Leigh Neighbours Resident’s Fund. So, what have you got to lose?


What do we want from you?
All you need is an idea around something which benefits your local neighbourhood. Other than that, all we ask is for you to consider a basic plan of action on how you’ll deliver it… and to invest some energy and enthusiasm to get out there and make it happen! We can help with things like budgets, PR and marketing. All we expect is for the idea to meet one of the challenges featured in our community plan. It’s quite a long document! So we created a more user-friendly version here. And of course whatever we fund needs to benefit residents who live in our project area. Some projects may originate from outside our area, but as long it has a positive impact on people within the patch, it’s still potentially eligible.
What’s the Leigh Neighbours project area again?
Here you go….
So what kind of projects are eligible for funding?
The projects we’ve funded up to now have been really diverse, so don’t be scared of being adventurous. We’re open to all sorts of ideas – from investing in training programmes and contributing towards funding community events… to covering costs towards equipment and supporting worthwhile initiatives for our more vulnerable residents. Check out some of the examples below!
What next?
Well, once you’ve decided how your idea is going to benefit local residents…. and you’ve checked it’s going to have a positive impact on our defined project area… and you’ve considered a plan of action on what’s involved making it happen… and you’ve done your sums to work out how much you’ll roughly ned to apply for…. all you need to do is download our simple 2-side Resident’s Fund application form here and complete it, and then send it back to us at Leigh Neighbours, 14 Walmesley Road, Leigh WN7 1YE or scan and email it to
So what kinds of projects have we funded over the course of the last few years…?

 The Well Women Centre in Leigh was granted some funding towards the cost of delivering a 6-week programme for vulnerable women who live in our area to learn important life skills, build self confidence and access training opportunities.
IMG_0359 (2)
Chris Fitzsimmons and Jan Harney from community enterprise As in Eden applied for funding to install a new weather-proof noticeboard outside their premises (which became our premises in Spring 2018!)
 Friends of LP picture
When a sponsor dropped out, Friends of Lilford Park were keen to secure financial support to ensure their centenary celebrations could still go ahead as planned. Visit their Facebook.
 Rainbows and rhymes
Rainbow Rhymes and Rhythm, a group for parents and toddlers, received funding towards a Big Lunch get-together.
iRoam is an online tool which offers a sneak preview of public buildings and venues to users who want to reassure themselves about accessibility issues. 
They applied for funding to invest in film equipment. Visit their Facebook.
 Warren with banner outside (1)
Atherton and Leigh Foodbank applied for help in piloting an overnight shelter for homeless people. Visit their Facebook.


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