big lunch1Our projects reflect the issues which exist within the Leigh Neighbours area – and our shared efforts in addressing those challenges.

For instance, clean-up campaigns are a popular and very simple way for local residents to get involved, show their support and make a stand against one of our constant and ongoing challenges: litter!

Helping to build community spirit in the area is another way in which you can get involved. Perhaps you’d prefer to take part in organised projects such as Our Art Neighbourhood or the Big Lunch? Or do you have an exciting idea of your own which you think will bring the community together, one which you’d like to organise yourself?

The Leigh Neighbours Partnership Board is keen to hear from local people who have ideas they’d like to develop which address any one of the challenges which our community faces.

If you’re a local resident living in the Leigh Neighbours project area and you’d like to get involved in your community, please get in touch with us. All you need is an idea, passion for your community and a commitment to help improve your neighbourhood.We can help with the rest!

You can read about the progress we’re making in our Annual Report 2017 (PDF).

The LCIMG8176 (1)eigh Neighbours Partnership Board may also be able to help with the funds or resources you require to lay on your event or produce your project. We’ve got access to a wealth of experience in many fields, from project management and finance to media and marketing. And of course, we’re all local – which means we know the area just as well as you do.

So, what have you got to lose? So far, Leigh Neighbours has supported a range of projects from litter picks and hanging basket workshops to art trails and apprenticeships.

All you have to do is print out and complete the Residents Fund application form and return it to us at our offices at As in Eden on Walmesley Road (FAO Stephen Ruffley) or by email to

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