Volunteer here!

Volunteering in the community is one of the most rewarding pastimes that can be enjoyed by absolutely anybody and everybody. We’ve all got something to contribute!

People of all ages, abilities and interests can make a positive difference that has a significant impact on their community. All they need to commit is some time – and, of course, some genuine passion!

As well as providing an opportunity for personal fulfilment and growth, volunteering also fosters a sense of ‘belonging’, generating pride in an area and building community spirit.

Volunteering gives neighbours the chance to participate in shared endeavours, working in friendly solidarity, building mutual respect and forming greater understanding. Coming together in pursuit of a shared goal reminds people of the important priorities that bind us together, helping to dispel myths and challenge preconceptions. 

Volunteering on community projects also provides people with an opportunity to share their skills, experiences and unique perspectives.

The shared camaraderie helps to promote mental well-being and tackle social isolation – particularly among vulnerable groups such as young mums, people who are experiencing mental health issues, families from a different cultural background and the elderly.

Quite simply, volunteering puts smiles on people’s faces!

Leigh Neighbours is keen to support community volunteering by putting opportunities in place that bring people together. These come in a variety of forms… such as fun activities for the family, environmental projects designed to make our area cleaner and greener, and social action campaigns which aim to address specific issues in our community.

We’re open to ideas and we’re keen to hear your ideas on what kind of volunteering you think would benefit our community.

If you’d like to apply to volunteer in your community with Leigh Neighbours, simply complete our ‘Getting To Know You’ form by clicking here. Fill it in… scan or photograph it… and email it back to us at volunteer@lnpb.org.uk

In line with our Community Plan, Leigh Neighbours also administers a Resident’s Fund, an opportunity for local people to apply for the necessary funding they need to organise their own activities and events. You can find out more about our Resident’s Fund here.

If you’d like to find out how to get more involved in your community, please email us at volunteer@lnpb.org.uk

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