Bike Library – UPDATE!

We went live with the Bike Library earlier in June and we were really pleased with the feedback we received and with the fact that we were able to support people get into cycling, whether to nip to the shops, have a ride around Pennington Flash or to help them get to work.

We’ve still got some bikes left, so if you live in our project area (bounded by Kirkhall Lane, Leigh Road, Twist Lane and Atherleigh Way), then fill in the application form at the bottom of this page, or email and we’ll take it from there.  We are still social distancing, so bikes will be available to collect by appointment only on Monday 06 July .

Bike Library Launch…we’re working with our good friends ‘Gearing Up’ to launch our Bike Library.

We’ve a stack of bikes to borrow for people who live in our project area (the area bounded by Atherleigh Way, Kirkhall Lane, Leigh Road and Twist Lane) or for key workers working in the area. 
Our original plan was to lend bikes for a week or a fortnight but Covid-19 has made us rethink and we’ll now be lending our bikes for 12 weeks.  We’ve bikes for adults and children and even have a ‘tagalong’ if your child isn’t quite ready for two wheels themselves.  Bikes will all be safety checked before they are loaned and come with a helmet, bike lock, lights and a bike pump.  There’s no charge – all we ask is that you post photos and stories about your travels on our Facebook page (leighneighboursbiglocal)
If you’d like to borrow one of our bikes, email and he’ll send you an application form or fill in the form here and email it to him:
You’ll have to be quick though – because of Covid-19 we’re only lending bikes on Monday 15th June.